My Place My Space was created to promote kindness and hope. The aim is to use this platform as a space to share inspirational quotes, stories and act of kindness happening around us. Some content originate from personal experiences while majority are content that I’ve come across in public spaces or the internet.

This site was inspired from a moment in my life where I felt lost, hopeless and helpless. In my eyes I could see others looking at me thinking everything is normal while in my mind I felt so alone. A stage in my life where I realized that no one could help me because I felt no one could understand me. Everyday I get so depressed because everyday I would be reminded of a life that I didn’t want. A life that is not me. I lacked motivation and hope because I couldn’t see beyond this cage, trapped in my own emotions and circumstances. Many times a day I would go around in never ending waves and cycles, wondering why I’m here, what’s my purpose? The only thing that comforted me was my best friend and inspirational quotes and stories from others. I hope visitors can benefit from the content shared on this site. Those out there that share similar feelings, please know that you’re not alone. Please don’t lose hope, no matter how bad things become. Just hold on


Image from: https://quotefancy.com/hope-quotes

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